Slideshow project3At Every Leaf A Flower we recognize needs of homeless people throughout the cities of Austin, Pflugerville and Round Rock. Our mission is to serve others by organizing food drives, clothing donations and going to the streets to talk to people so we can hear and share their stories. Homelessness is an epidemic in Austin and we strive everyday to bring hope to those living on the streets.

We are a Christian organization and we put God first in everything we do with our work, school and finances. We are a faith based and believe that it is every christian’s duty to love their neighbor as yourself ¬†and not to judge people based on their outward earthly appearance but to see each homeless person as someone who is beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully made. We are not asking anyone to share our beliefs or to say that ours are superior to anyone else’s yet we want to convey the message that loving people should not be restrained to a single religion or belief system. That we all should share the responsibility of taking care of one another as people loving people, regardless of race or religion in order to give hope to others and be their light in darkness.